WALB's Most Wanted: The Winn Dixie Bandits

CAMILLA, GA (WALB) - On tonight's Most Wanted a second appearance for two unknown robbers who pulled off a daring and violent heist at a Camilla Winn Dixie.

Police want you to take another look at these sketches.

A GBI sketch artist worked separately with two victims who were closing the Winn Dixie on US 19 the night of August 7th, 2011.

The robbers clearly planned the s heist as they dressed in camo and hid in the back of the store.

The frightened employees were tied up with zip ties. The robbers emptied the safe and then stole the stores surveillance system before hopping in a getaway car.

These sketches are thought to be very accurate. But investigators aren't sure if these guys are local, but they appear to be young maybe in their late teens or twenties at the time of the crime.

Now the last time we featured the sketches police did get some calls but they're hoping more tips in this two year old case, if you have any information, give Camilla Police a call at 336-2238.

The Winn Dixie Robbers become two of WALB's Most Wanted.

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