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Baby left in daycare center after it closed


The mother of an 11 month old baby left alone, locked inside an east Albany daycare is speaking out. April Reid says she still doesn't understand how daycare staff closed for the night and left her child in a crib. Two daycare workers are charged.

April Reid holds 11-month old Bryson close to her side. It was at the Childcare Network Center on Brierwood Drive where he was left alone, locked inside for nearly two hours after the center closed for the day.

"There's no explanation of why this happened. Anything could have happened between 6 to 8," she said.

Reid says when she arrived at the daycare around 6:15 Wednesday, the doors were locked. She assumed a friend who sometimes picked him up when she picked up her own children, had Bryson with her.

She was terrified when her friend answered her text to say. "When she went and got her kids they told her was already gone."

Reid rushed back to the daycare center and looked inside a window. "I seen my son sitting in the daycare, in a crib, crying by himself in a dark building. I really fell out."

She then called police.

Childcare Network workers arrived around 8 o'clock to unlock the building so mother and baby could be reunited. "I feel like if she was left there to be over the place, you have to do a thorough check when you have kids. You have to make sure you do that when you're at a daycare."

Daycare Center Director Virginia Thrower told police that she did a walk through and didn't notice the child. She also said it's the responsibility of the teacher in the infant room to bring them up front.

Police arrested Thrower and employee Glenda Spence and charged them with reckless conduct, a misdemeanor.


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