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Truck driver wins over a million dollars


Curtis Davis says what started as a normal Sunday for him, soon changed with a visit to a Dawson gas station and the purchase of a lottery ticket.

"I came home, sat down, eating and just watching TV. Scratched it off. It throwed me off when I saw the number. I didn't scratch the whole thing. I kinda just went hay wire after that. I was in the house crying, shouting and praying, hollering, dancing this and that," said Curtis Davis, lottery winner.

After scratching off the winning ticket, Davis came back to the Dawson Peddler to tell the clerks he won. The winning numbers are now displayed on the walls of the gas station. Davis says he just took a chance at playing.  

"I don't play it that much. Barely do play it at all. Look what happen!" 

Davis says the money won't change how he lives. "I'm going to keep driving my truck. My truck just going get a facelift. I'm going to keep driving my truck and I want it to be professional as I can get it," said Curtis Davis.

Davis claimed his prize money on Tuesday and being a winner just set in.  "I came to the realization last night. I sat there. I'm a millionaire.

This trucker says this extra money will help him spread some holiday cheer.  "I'm just happy for myself. I get a chance to make people happy for Christmas. That is a beautiful thing to me," said  Davis.


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