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Douglas inventor improves his hot selling nut wizard

Cecil Holt Cecil Holt

We've introduced you to Cecil Holt before.

He's a tinkerer from Douglas who's invented all sorts of things. He's improved his nut wizard and is selling thousands of them all over the world.

Cecil Holt has improved his tool called the Nut Wizard. The invention started when he had a dream years ago.

"I dreamed of a nut picker device. I told my wife every dream I had it came true. Since they come true, maybe I should build a nut picker. So it took me eight years from the time I started to the time I finished it," said Cecil Holt.

Last year the nut wizard was only a single head. Now its updated to have 10 heads to pick up more nuts.

Holt's nut wizards are sold all over the United States and in 18 foreign countries.

"Me and my wife, we hit the road and we went to New Mexico, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma. All these places we would just leave one and told them if they wanted one to call us," said Holt.

And the calls begin to roll in. Holt's invention became so popular, it now has a patent and now he's selling over 40,000 of these a year.

Holt says the nut wizard can pick up about 40 pounds of nuts in just about 5 minutes.

Holt says he received letters and calls from people who uses his invention, even here in South Georgia.

"I had a brother down in Cairo and he sees a guy picking up pecans by his orchard and he stop and asks him 'how you like your tool?' He says 'I love it'. He says my brother built it. He says I don't know him but tell him I love him," said Holt.

While this tool may look unusual with lawn mower handles,  Holt says he thinks people will love it once they try it.

Cecil Holt says the nut wizards are manufactured at a company in Waycross. He says he's working everyday to perfect all his designs.

Holt can be reached at 912-389-1927 or 912-592-0338

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