Viewpoint: Pit bull Ordinance

Pit bulldogs are in the news again. Following the lead of Dawson and Fitzgerald, the Albany city commission has directed the city attorney to begin writing an ordinance for the city of Albany that would put restrictions on some dogs.

The Albany Humane Society reported eight dog bites on employees in the last two months, six of which came from pit bulls. And it's easy to see why a pit's bite causes more damage than other dogs.

Pit bulldogs have their staunch defenders, and there are many pit bull dogs that never cause a problem. But just a quick search on our web site will show numerous recent stories of this type of dog causing big problems.

Just this month, an ADDU drug agent had to shoot and kill a pit bulldog that attacked him and wouldn't relent. A DCP officer had the same thing happen last April.

Last December, an Albany toddler was attacked by a pit bulldog. The same thing happened twice in a week's time last February, to an 11 year old boy and a five year old girl. Last March, a Bronwood woman was attacked by a pit bulldog.

The city commission is correct to take steps to protect people from animals which are capable of inflicting great damage, even death, when they do attack.