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Survivors call for chase policy review

Darryl Horton lost two children in the collision Darryl Horton lost two children in the collision

A grieving Atkinson County father is calling on law officers to re-examine their high speed chase policies. Darryl Horton's son and daughter were killed when a man running from Tift County deputies slammed into their vehicle last week.

"They were on a fun day, this didn't need to be done," Darryl Horton speaking at the gravesites of his son and daughter. 23-year-old Matthew Horton and 32-year-old Kelly Prescott were killed when a truck in a police chased slammed into their SUV in Berrien County.

"When we got the call, it was the most devastating thing I had ever had to listen to in my life," Horton said.

The driver of the pickup truck, Tim Rutland, was running from law officers. "If you never get to see the light of day again, it won't hurt my feelings. Because this mother and this father and my daughter and my son will never get to see their children again," said Horton.

Tift County deputies had previously chased Rutland twice and say he tried to run over a deputy. But Darryl Horton says chasing him was not necessary and the chase should have been called off before it reached downtown Nashville.

"All you had to do was just give up the chase. The idiot would have went home."

He thinks if they called off the chase he would not have kept flying through like he did. "No. He wouldn't have. They already chased him once before. He would have went home. If it's a murderer or someone like that, go after them. But there has got to be a limit."

Horton is urging law enforcement to review their chase policies. "This has got to stop. Do it before somebody else is killed and destroyed. These children didn't deserve this."

He hopes the deaths of his children will be a reminder of the consequences a chase can have on innocent bystanders.

A third sibling injured in the crash, Heidi Mancil was released from a Tallahassee Hospital Tuesday and is recovering at home.


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