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Dawson residents guarded while shooting investigation continues


The GBI  isn't saying whether they've got any new leads in the shooting of Dawson's Mayor. A lot of people in town say they're still scared after 23-year-old Christopher Wright was ambushed in his home Halloween night.

The crime scene tape has been removed from around Mayor Christopher Wright's home in Dawson, but the investigation is ongoing as to who shot Wright in his house two and a half weeks ago.

Since that night residents in Dawson say the atmosphere of the town has changed.

"The thing is a lot of people around here are being very conscious about keeping their doors locked. You know, about going to the door, answering the door and I think a lot of people are scared. I'm not going to say everyone but the older people are also scared. I'm scared myself," says Dawson resident Cynthia Anthony

Cynthia Anthony was one of many people stopped during a road check last week as investigators searched for tips.

"I was just getting ready to go to work and they just asked me if I had heard anything and I told them I hadn't heard anything and they just gave me some numbers to call but I'm glad they are trying to put up blocks and stuff trying to find out what happened because you never know, someone might turn up with something."

GBI aren't saying if the check yielded any clues.

People in Wright's neighborhood say they're keeping to themselves, and hoping the case is solved soon.

"You know everyone is trying to stick to their own self and just to have something like that happen, its a total shocker.

In the meantime, the mayor's house is empty and there's one city car parked in the driveway.

There's a note taped on the Wright's door asking those interested in helping the family to donate to the Chris Wright Fund.

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