Special Report: Tracking Predators

Sheriff's Capt Craig Dodd
Sheriff's Capt Craig Dodd
Wesley Purvis
Wesley Purvis
Lieutenant Rebecca Cranford
Lieutenant Rebecca Cranford

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - There is an App you can download to protect your kids from sex predators. And with the number of sex offenders rising, South Georgia parents are grateful for this technology.

Wesley Purvis keeps a protective eye on his granddaughter. "All you can do is watch people's actions and watch how they act around your children, around other children that will tell you more than anything," he said.

He's known the dangers children face since his own daughter was born. "I talked to my daughter about it all her life, you don't talk to strangers if I introduce them to you or someone else introduces you to them you know they are friendly but sometimes you don't even know then."

And while he watches over his family, Lieutenant Rebecca Cranford keeps watch over hundreds of Dougherty County sex offenders. "It takes a whole community to keep our children safe that's why I'm urging the public to sign up for these free email alerts," said Cranford.

Dougherty County added 61 sex offenders to the registry this year and officers use the internet to let the public know where they live. And now there's a new tool they can use. It's the Alert ID mobile App. "It has a larger volume; it reaches more people," said Cranford.

Keli Wilson started AlertID after a terrifying separation from her own children at an amusement park. "This is a wonderful thing revolutionizing child safety. To help not only protect kids but families and neighborhoods and entire community," she said.

You can sign up on line and download the app on your smart phone for free. The GPS shows you where you are that's the blinking blue circle and click on any one of the icons to pull up the information on sex offenders in that particular area.

Law officers say this kind of technology can help. "It's a lot harder than you think we don't have the resources to do it the way we would like to they basically are coming to us a minimum of once a year twice a year depending on what their offense is," said Sheriff's Capt Craig Dodd.

With this app you can start your own neighborhood watch group, connect with law enforcement, homeland security, and send pictures even get weather alerts in an instant. Alert ID will travel with you all across the country.

"When people see someone suspicious in their neighborhood, they see someone casing the neighborhood something just looks out of place they can post it online on AlertID it will go to all members within a one mile radius so now everybody can communicate and help reduce crime in their area," Wilson said.

It's technology that's welcomed by parents and grandparents like Wesley Purvis. "If you got an app for it, they can read it then you got access to that sure it's gonna help."

You can sign up for alert id on line and download the app on your smart phone free at  www.alertid.com

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