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Fire damages two houses on Gwinnett St.


Room after room, caved in ceilings, walls covered with black soot, and debris all over the floors.

"Everything is ruined," said homeowner Sharon Greye.

Including many treasured items.

"I lost family photos that I had. I kept those things for years," she said. "Those things are gone, ruined."

Thanks to a fire that started at the abandon house next door to Greye's.

Fire officials say the fire started around 8 p.m, and they don't have a cause yet.

Greye says she smelled kerosene moments before the fire.

"I did smell it, and I called and told them that I smelled Kerosene," she said. "Now this is what we have."

Greye's house is now unlivable, but she says she's not leaving.

"I can't find my cats," she said.

The Red Cross has offered to get her a room at a hotel, but all she can think about is her cats. She still has hope that she'll find them. She says her faith will guide her through this.

"I'm a Christian so there for I have insurance," said Greye. "What better testimony can I make right now."

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