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Bloomingdale standoff ends peacefully

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A Bloomingdale woman barricaded herself inside her home on Saturday, and the SWAT team was called in after they say she threatened to shoot her family and herself.

It happened at a home on Fort Argyle Road near Old River Road.  What was supposed to be just another Saturday, hanging out with the family; Ashley Swindell says it all went terribly wrong when her mom went crazy.

 "I'm like, what's about to happen, my own mom is about to kill me" said Swindell.

Swindell says she's never seen her mom act the way she did on Saturday.

"She tried to come at me and fight me, and then I pushed her, and my boyfriend tried to split us up, " said Swindell. 

She says her mom got upset after her dad came home from running errands.

"He went to buy car parts and she was accusing him of running around," said Swindell. 

But her mom took her frustrations out on everyone that was home.

"She was like I'll shoot myself, or I'll shoot all of you," said Swindell. 
That's when they knew they needed to get help. She ran out of the house with her dad and boyfriend calling police, while her mom baracaded herself inside.

"I think she just locked her bedroom door, she wouldn't let no one in and she cut off her phone." said Swindell.

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