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Convicted killer of Phenix City woman sentenced to life without parole


Sylvester Davis, Jr. learned his fate Friday afternoon, Nov. 15, for the murder of his ex-girlfriend in Phenix City.

Now for the first time, the daughter of Yamisha Thomas is speaking about her mother's death.  

The last time Quintina Brown saw her mother, she was 15, and her younger sister was only 6-years-old.  She spoke on the entire family's behalf, reiterating what she said to her mother's killer when she saw him in person today.

Sylvester Davis Jr. was led from a courtroom back to jail where he will begin his punishment for the murder of Yamisha Thomas, 30, in 2011.   The victim's daughter was in the courtroom when a judge told him he would spend the rest of his life in prison without parole.

"I'm glad that justice was served, and my entire family, we are grateful for that," said Quintina Brown.

Still in high school when her mother was murdered, Brown wanted Davis to know what growing-up without a mother has been like these past couple of years for her and her younger sister.   She said she needed to address him in court because this was her last time seeing him and his last time seeing her.  

"I miss her. There's been times when other people have their moms next to them throughout the things that they're doing, their accomplishments, and to not have her by my side, it hurts," said Brown.

Authorities said there was a history of violence in their relationship, and when Davis learned that she was seeing other men, he became enraged and took her life.  

"I feel like he was jealous, he was selfish, and he really couldn't take no for an answer.   He didn't deserve my mom and she didn't deserve the abuse," said Brown. 

Davis buried her body in the woods with concrete, and her family said she may have never been found had Davis' partner in crime not come forward and given the location to police. His attorney plans to file an appeal, but he warned his client the case against him was strong and he was looking at a severe punishment.  

"Based on the circumstances with the body being buried and found almost a month later, this was a possibility and he understood going in.  So, this was not a surprise to him," said attorney Walter L. Gray III. 

On his way back to jail, Davis did not appear to be moved by the developments and he told our cameras several times that we'll be seeing him again, saying "I'll be back."

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