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Cold snap hits tourism


Tour guides and pedi cab drivers were patiently waiting for guests in City Market, typically bustling with people, but a lot of them sat empty as this cold snap took hold of Georgia and South Carolina.

The cold weather had many tourists in the area staying indoors, which was bad news for the businesses that depend on them.

Employees with carriage tours and pedi cabs say the time between Halloween and Thanksgiving tends to get slow but cold weather is making it even harder to pull customers in.

"I would say they have slowed down a little," said Pedi Cab Driver Aaon Huck. "It goes on where you are from. I think the trolly tours and hearse tours, I haven't seen a decrease in those because you can stay warmed. I haven't seen a lot of giant groups of people doing walking tours."

"This coldness has been affecting us greatly," said Carriage Tours of Savannah Employee Jessica Armstrong. "The carriages I have been sending out have been two to four people on it.  Obviously everyone is really bundled up, even people on the tour bundled up."

Some people are calling downtown a ghost town. Since the cold snap hit, many business's are taking a hit as tourists are staying indoors.

Not many people are wanting to eat outdoors and for the few who did step out of their hotels, warmer plans to see the city were in mind.

"It's fine as long as we don't have any wind," said tourist Lilian Aldridge. "That's wonderful with me. As you get older you get colder."

"I have heat lamps under my patio and I drop my curtain," said Anna's Restaurant owner Frank Cavalleri. "It stays 70-75. That is what you want in the summer. You can't make everyone happy. When it's cold they want to be hot, when it's hot they want to be cold."

"I love it," said Tourist Scott Aldridge. "It is beautiful. We've been here for almost a week. We had warm days and now cold days."

Some restaurants are having to cut back on staff or send employees to make up for the drop in business.

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