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Can you identify this suspected credit card thief?


Dougherty County Police are asking for help identifying a woman caught on surveillance video using a stolen credit card at two Albany stores.

 Investigators say we really need to protect our cards this time of year.

 With the holiday shopping season just about here, it's prime season for credit card thefts and fraud. Tonight police want to show you a suspect in action, caught on video.

Take a look at the lady in the yellow shirt. Dougherty County Police say she is using an Albany woman's stolen credit card to buy hundreds of dollars worth of VISA gift cards at Publix. Investigators say financial card fraud like this is a major crime issue.

 Dougherty County Police Sgt. Chad Kirkpatrick said "It's a big problem. We deal with identity thefts, transaction card fraud almost on a daily basis."

Before she went to Publix on October 15th about 10AM, the woman uses Michelle Williams' stolen credit card at Target on Dawson Road. The woman gets in a gray Chrysler or Dodge Mini Van and drives next door to Publix where she bought those gift cards favored by credit card thieves.

Kirkpatrick said "They will go in and buy other types of gift cards and that way they will have the money and they can keep spending those gift cards after the card has already been turned off."

Williams is not sure how her credit card was stolen. She had it October 14th, but this woman was using it the next day. That's one of the questions they want to ask this woman. Take a look at her. Investigators think she is her 30's, and driving that Gray Chrysler or Dodge Minivan. If you can identify her, call Dougherty County Police at 430-6600, or CRIMESTOPPERS at 436-TIPS. You could earn a reward.@

Police say the woman also used that stolen credit card at Dillards. In all she bought more than $1200 worth of merchandise with that stolen card. With that good surveillance video, I think someone will recognize her.

Police urge you to keep your wallets and purses close while you do your holiday shopping,and  don't let people hover over you while you use credit or debit cards.


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