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Gardeners gear up for freezing temps

Brian Wright, Marks Greenhouse Manager Brian Wright, Marks Greenhouse Manager

Gardeners say freezing temperatures could kill some of your prized plants, if you don't prepare for the cooler weather. 

Blooming plants need to be covered with frost blankets for protection.  Gardeners say most shrubs will take the drop in temperatures pretty well.  They encourage you to bring delicate varieties inside.

"Well it kind of snuck up on us I think.  I really hadn't many people doing any prep.  We hadn't had that much cold weather so far, so I think it's kind of sneaking up on people.  I think we've got 29 degrees tomorrow night," said Brian Wright, Marks Greenhouse Manager.

Wright said gardeners should avoid fertilizing this time a year because extra nitrogen in the soil can harm plants in freezing temperatures.  He said too much mulching can cause plants to rot and also said you should water plants sparingly.


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