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Savannah woman raises money for her family and victims in Philippines


From the American Red Cross to veterans who are part of Team Rubicon's relief efforts here at home and overseas, help is on the way to the Philippines.

Loved ones here in the states are also trying to do anything they can to help thousands of miles away. WTOC spoke with one woman who has set up an online fundraising site to help her homeland. Her family was just one of themany victims of the typhoon.

Janice Waldrop told us Monday her entire family is safe after their home suffered some minor damage but other parts of their home city took big hits from Typhoon Haiyan.

Waldrop says all she has been able to do since last week is watch helplessly from her home on Wilmington Island as her entire family in the Philippines weathers the devastating aftermath of the Typhoon.

She shared photos of the damage to their home and said she called every day before the typhoon hit. Her family was very fortunate they had minimal losses, including broken windows and roof and wall damage, but she still set up a account to raise money to send back and help others in her homeland who lost everything.

"It can also benefit local area hometowns like the northern part of the Philippines. I may not be giving roofing stuff to rebuild their house but even canned goods and water, a little bit of everything, would help," Waldrop told WTOC.

Her goal is $50,000 So far she has raised $230. We have a link to her fundraising page. It is

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