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Marine makes a surprise visit to daughter's class


Ansli Smith thought today was going to be like any other day for her while in Ms. Greene's class at Irwin County Elementary School, but she wasn't expecting her father to make a surprise visit to her class.  

"He said he was coming at Christmas, I didn't expect him coming today," said Ansli Smith.

  Jerad Smith has been separated from his daughter for a whole year; he has been overseas serving our country in various locations.  

"We went to Djibouti, we went to Jordan, Oman, Israel, Spain," said Jerad Smith.  

While overseas Smith saw people suffering, he says it made him appreciate his family even more.  

"It feels great, it's good to be back with your family and be able to see the people you care about, especially after a long deployment," said Smith.  

Kimberly King, is Smith's mother-in-law, she had to step in and be dad while he was overseas, she's glad he's back home.  

"It's nice to have a breather I'm actually getting the weekend off so that's pretty good," said Kimberly King.  

While King takes a little break, daddy and his little girl will be spending a little quality time together.  

"Yeah we are going to spend some quality time," said Smith. Jerad Smith asks daughter: "What do you want to do sweetheart?" Daughter responds: "Go to Mickey Mouse's house like we usually go," said Ansli Smith. Jerad responds: "I guess we are going to Disney world then," said Jerad Smith.  

Smith has been in the Marine Corps for five years.

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