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The fight against drunk driving

Dakota Baker sister of Joshua Pritchett. Dakota Baker sister of Joshua Pritchett.
Joshua Pritchett Joshua Pritchett

A Colquitt County teenager is becoming a national leader in the fight to stop drunk driving.

She was inspired to take on the role because of the death of her brother.

On September 17, 2010 their family was changed forever. 19-year-old Joshua Pritchett was killed by a drunk driver. Now, his sister, 14-year old Dakota Baker, wants her voice to be heard.

"For me it was because of what happened to my brother. I just want to tell people and what it causes and the effects of it so nobody else dies," said Dakota Baker, Sister of Joshua Pritchett.

Drunk driving is a choice, and Dakota encourages everybody to make the right choice and not drink and drive.

"I would tell them not to drink and drive because one choice, or one bad choice can control what your future is going to hold," said Dakota.

Dakota's parents were shocked when she volunteered to be a speaker on behalf of MADD.

"Very proud didn't know that she might be able to stand up in front of people," said Craig Baker, Father of Dakota Baker.

"I am so proud of her because like she said if she can change one person it will be worth it," said Angel Baker, Mother of Dakota Baker.

The Bakers want to make it clear to young and old, do not drink and drive.

"A lot of them tell me they will never drink and drive because I have told them my story and coming from somebody my age is a very big thing," said Dakota.

"Don't do it, it's not worth it," said Angel.

Dakota was accepted into MADD'S National Teen Influence Group for the 2013-2014 school year so she can reach out beyond the local community.

Dakota has already spoken at numerous MADD events and at her school, telling her story of loss.


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