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Georgia state representatives discuss education with parents and educators

State Senator Freddie Powell Sims State Senator Freddie Powell Sims
State Representative Ed Rynders State Representative Ed Rynders

Folks packed a room at Darton College Thursday night with one priority in my mind, to find ways that these students can get a quality education.

"We've heard from superintendents, school board members and now we're going to listen to the public about ways we can make education the best it could possibly be in the state," said Ed Rynders, District 152 state representative.

Members of the Georgia General Assembly listened to the concerns of parents and educators as they prepare for the 2014 General Assembly session.

The debate over the budget will have a great impact on education.

"It's over 50% of the budget, the budget is the only bill that we have to pass in the Georgia General Assembly and education gets its fair share," said Rynders.

State Senator Freddie Powell Sims serves as secretary of the education and youth committee, she says educators all across the state are concerned about the same issues.  

"All of our superintendents have said more than once that they are concerned about austerity cuts, they would like to see them restored, many of them are still furloughing teachers, many of them have shortened their school years," said Freddie Powell Sims, District 12 State Senator.  

Aricia Thrasher is an educator and her child is enrolled in a Dougherty County School, she was pleased that lawmakers wanted to hear from educators and parents.  

"I think this event is very informative, it brings us all together as educators, as parents, and as community leaders to basically come together so we can figure out what we need to do to educate our children," said Aricia Thrasher, Parent & Educator.

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