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Police warn of unique debit card scam

Winn-Dixie Clerk Winn-Dixie Clerk

Police are warning everyone to watch out if you use debit cards while shopping.

Bainbridge Police say a grocery store clerk confessed to stealing money from customers by secretly punching the "cash back" option and pocketing that money.

When you swipe your card at a store, you may not think twice about a clerk asking to help you with the key pad.  But Bainbridge police say they have surveillance video showing a Winn Dixie clerk taking advantage of that situation.

"During her shift she would scan the customers merchandise then after that merchandise you know would swipe your debit card and pay for the purchase. When the terminal pops up and says is this the correct amount you hit yes. Well what she would do is pick out the elderly folks at that point she would turn terminal around so they couldn't see it and she would actually hit cash back yes and she was taking anything 5-20 dollars at a time from each customer,' said Major Robert Humphrey, Major of the Criminal Investigation Division.

Investigators say the clerk wasn't just after cash.

"She would catch a customer coming through the line before they would get there, she would scan the gift cards that are on the racks by the cash register she would scan those for twenty-five dollars and when you make your purchase that twenty-five dollars would be charged to your debit card and she was of course taking the gift cards and keeping those," said Major Humphrey.

Police say you need to pay close attention when you check out at a store.

"If that cashier turns that terminal around to check it at the end of the purchase you know you need to be looking," said Major Humphrey.

Investigators have questioned the suspect more than once.  They say she has confessed, and they will file formal charges soon.

Bainbridge Police want Winn Dixie shoppers to check their receipts to make sure they're not theft victims.

Police say the clerk will be charged in this case, but those charges have not yet been filed.

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