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Mayors group calls for Wright's protection

Wright during his campaign for mayor Wright during his campaign for mayor

The mayor of Dawson is out of intensive care, a week after he was shot at least 4 times.

His family worries the attackers could make another attempt on his life.

And some state leaders are calling for more action to solve the crime.

Leaders with the state Black Mayor's Conference believe the attack on Mayor Christopher Wright was politically motivated, and want state and federal officials to get involved in the case.

Mayor Christopher Wright's health has remarkably improved. He is conscious, talking with his family, and out of intensive care.  But the family is keeping information to a minimum, to protect him.

"They are terrified. Honestly they are scared," said Wright's Uncle Wallace Johnson Jr.

Georgia's Conference of Black Mayors believe Wright's attack was not a robbery or home invasion, but was politically motivated contract hit.

Field Director of the Georgia Conference of Black Mayor's Carlotta Harrell said "We believe there was an attempt on his life. On purpose."

Many members of the Mayor's family are staying at the hospital with him, and his home remains closed off as a crime scene. But now the Mayors are pushing for more emphasis on protection and solving this crime.

"The Governor's office has been contacted. We are looking at bringing in federal agencies to also assist," said Harrell.

Dawson Public Safety Director, Chief Charlie Whitehead, has contacted the Governor's office, asking for reward money to offer in solving the case. He has beefed up patrols, but isn't sure federal agencies are needed.

"I don't think that's needed at this time.  Of course any additional help would be welcome.  But I don't think it's needed at this time."

Chief Whitehead and the Wright family say they continue to receive many calls and tips about the Mayor's shooting, as the GBI continues their investigation.  The family though says they remain on guard because of safety fears.

"Everyone is on edge," said Johnson. "We will be glad when the people are caught.  The culprits are caught, or we get to the bottom of this so we can go back to living regulars lives like everyone else."

The family says they are thankful for what they are calling Wright's "miraculous outcome" as they continue to pray that people who shot him are caught.

The family released a statement today, saying that Mayor Wright paid a heavy price for his work of trying to change Dawson and move it forward.   

The family is also asking for donations to help pay for Wright's medical bills.

You can contribute to the fund at the Bank Of Terrell or by calling 407-0101.

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