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High-dollar Ag equipment stolen in the night

Manager Mike Horne Manager Mike Horne
MPD Inv. William Baillargeon MPD Inv. William Baillargeon

Thieves are caught on camera stealing thousands of dollars of equipment from a Moultrie tractor supply store. Now the manager is offering a reward to help put them behind bars.

Manager Mike Horne say this is the second time in four years that thieves have stolen this type of mower from his store. He hopes to catch these crooks and make this theft the last.

A man wearing a camouflage jacket appears to have his face covered. He's looking at equipment at the Kubota Tractor store on Veterans Parkway. He leaves, but moments later a man wearing all black appears. Police aren't sure if it's someone else.

"We think it was too see if he was going to be able to trip any alarms on the business," said MPD Inv. William Baillargeon. "I think there's approximately four people involved."

The man in black then walks towards the front of the building having a smoke. Police believe the man isn't working alone. Nearly two hours later, a truck pulling a white trailer and another truck show up. The manager says the thieves cut a chain to get through the gates. He installed security cameras four weeks ago.

"A growing concern of over a hit you know. I had it done but unfortunately we weren't completely set up," said Manager Mike Horne. Horne says this camera would have gotten a better image of thieves, but it failed to work that night.

You can see one of the thieves loading a stolen mower on the trailer. They stole three diesel mowers and a utility trailer worth more than $45,000. "They're $15,000 a piece, so they could be resold for a profit," said Baillargeon

The thieves tried to steal this trailer but were unsuccessful. You can see the white trailer pulling off, but the truck pulling the utility trailer stops for a moment before taking off. Now the manager is offering a $1,000 reward.

"If anybody knows anything to give us a call or call the local authorities, we won't disclose your information, we just want to get the people who did it," Horne said.

But so far, police have not made any arrests. 229-890-5500, Sheriff at 616-7430, and Kubota at 985-3882.


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