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40 dogs seized in home cited for unsanitary conditions

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An East Albany man is cleaning up his home, hoping he can get some of his animals back.

Authorities seized more than 40-dogs from inside his home Friday, and Dennis Marks was ordered to leave the home because of unsanitary conditions.

54 year old Dennis Marks says he is not a criminal, and he wants to do what is right. Tuesday we found him cleaning his house, in hopes the court will let him return.

Dennis Marks hauls his furniture and belongings out of his house in the 2900 block of Rosebrier Avenue. Friday animal control and code enforcement officers found more than 40 dogs and a parrot inside his home. Police say 37 of the dogs were taken to the Humane Society, and 8 dogs and the bird were turned over to a friend to be kept.

Marks said "I didn't know I had that many. I thought at last count we had 20. And we were trying to get rid of some of those, and I was not just going to call the pound to come get them. I was trying to place them, and before I could get anything done, here are there."

Marks was cited for 40 counts of unsanitary conditions, and one count of inhumane treatment, saying the home was too filthy for the animals to live in. Code enforcement placarded his home, meaning he had to move out and cannot live there until a judge decides it is habitable again. Marks says since Friday he has been cleaning.

Marks said "We've been here from sun up to sun down trying to get everything back right. So we can maybe, hopefully, get some of our pets back."

Humane Society officials are cleaning the nearly 40 dogs, and socializing them in hopes of having them adopted. They say the dogs were not malnourished.

Marks said "These dogs are like my kids. And how would someone like for someone to come in and take your kids away and euthanize them. To me it's just wrong."

Animal control officials say the conditions in the home were what was wrong. Now Dennis Marks says he wants to prove he is responsible, and cleaning the home in hopes that he will be able to reclaim his 8 dogs his friend is keeping.

Marks has a Municipal Court hearing on November 21st. He says he hopes to have his house cleaned by then, so the Judge will allow him to move back in. Until then he is living in a camper.

Marks told us he only wants the eight dogs and the bird, if the Judge allows him to reclaim them.

The 37 dogs at the Albany Humane Society can't be adopted until after Mark's court date.

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