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UPDATE: Suspect ID'ed in restaurant burglary

This man is seen entering through the window at Ponder's Seafood in Moultrie This man is seen entering through the window at Ponder's Seafood in Moultrie
The suspect is seen stealing money out of the cash register The suspect is seen stealing money out of the cash register
Freddie Ponder, Owner Freddie Ponder, Owner

A man is caught on video breaking into a seafood restaurant in Moultrie and stealing hundreds of dollars, a gun, and a bunch of cigarettes. He dropped his wallet and had to come back for it. He spent almost 45 minutes breaking into the restaurant.

Now Moultrie Police say that they know the man in the video is Terrence Antonio Wheeler, and they have a warrant for his arrest. They say they executed a search warrant Monday at his girlfriend's house, and recovered the hoodie he wore while committing the burglary.

If you know anything about the case, call 229-890-5500.

Freddie Ponder has owned his store and restaurant for more than 25 years.  He usually monitors his surveillance video from his cell phone, but on that particular night he says he let his guard down.    

Surveillance video shows a man wearing a hooded jacket and black pants trying to break into Ponder's Seafood on West Central Ave last week. He first tries to enter through the air conditioning unit, and then tries to break through this barred window for several minutes, but is unsuccessful.  

"It's a really scary feeling, empty feeling that you have when someone enter your building like that," said Owner Freddie Ponder.    

The suspect is seen walking away where he meets up with a man down the street, he then reappears at the window with tools to try to pry his way inside.  

"It took him about thirty minutes to get though there, he had to chisel his way through there, whatever he used, screwdriver a crowbar," said Ponder.    

The suspect leaves again and returns wearing a white hoodie and eventually makes his way inside after 45 minutes. He's seen taking cash out of the register and from this college fund jar for one of Ponder's relatives.  

"He got approximately $700," said Ponder.    

He then takes cigarettes and steals a pistol while rummaging through drawers. The items stolen are valued at thousands of dollars.  

"Probably about two thousand dollars," said Investigator William Baillargon.    

The suspect leaves but comes back again after realizing he forgot his wallet. He goes through the window again, finds his wallet on the floor, and makes it out.  

"Good Surveillance video works very well, it's able to capture the individual and committing these crimes," said Baillargon.    

Ponder says he wants police to patrol the area more.  

"He left the building two or three times, re-entered through the window, where was the police department?"  

No arrests have been made. Ponder says he plans to get an alarm system to try to prevent another break-in.


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