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Indian Land residents concerned new school will cause traffic nightmares


Some residents in a couple of Indian Land subdivisions are worried that a new elementary school that will open next year will cause increased traffic in their neighborhood and put families at risk.

Ken Ingram says the traffic near his home on Sandra Lane has gotten so bad, he's scared to walk to the end of his driveway.

"When you walk to the mailbox, you got to be careful if cars are coming both ways because this road is narrow. It's just a nightmare," he said.

Ingram says his road became congested after a new traffic signal was installed at the end of it that allows drivers to turn left or right on Highway 521.

He says drivers constantly speed on the road.

When the new school opens next August, he expects the congestion will grow.

"I feel that the increased traffic that's coming from the school, the numbers are going to go up greatly. It's congested and terrible here now," he continued.

Just down the road is Tanya Baust who shares the same concern.

She is just one of many Bridge Hampton residents who say this new Indian Elementary school will bring more traffic through their neighborhood because drivers use it as a shortcut to get to Highway 521.

"Our neighborhood is very heavily concentrated with a lot of children and cars blow through here so fast, at some point in time somebody is going to get hurt, bad," said Baust.

But Lancaster County School officials say residents have nothing to fear.

They say Harrisburg Road, where the new school is, will be widened to accommodate traffic

"What we do think is once they find out how difficult it is to navigate through those neighborhoods and a wait time for a stop light, I think they'll get back on the main road," said Lancaster County Schools Safety Director Bryan Vaughn.

Some residents are calling for new crosswalks, traffic signals and speed bumps to slow down drivers along Harrisburg Road, but school officials say that kind of remedy is up to the state DOT to determine after extensive studies.

School officials expect there to be around 800 students at the new school next year.

WBTV was told the new school will have a parking loop capable of holding 300 cars.

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