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Was mayor shooting a 'contract job'?

Dawson City Manager Barney Parnacott Dawson City Manager Barney Parnacott
Reverend Ezekiel Holley Reverend Ezekiel Holley

 Another prayer vigil is underway  in Dawson, for their Mayor; shot several times in his home Thursday night. Christopher Wright's family is giving out very little information about his condition, and are guarding his location tightly-- because whomever attacked him is still on the loose.

People in Dawson are still shocked that their 23-year-old Mayor was shot several times in his home, and lots of questions remain, like why he was attacked. That's led to lots of speculation-- even that he was the target of a professional hit.

Dawson Mayor Christopher Wright's family spokesperson, Reverend Ezekiel Holley, said they are holding another prayer vigil because they believe the community prayers are working.

"That's where God's divine intervention came in. Is because any man that's shot multiple times ordinarily would be dead. God is able," Holley said." It had to be divine..."

Holley said The Georgia Bureau of Investigation will only say their investigation is ongoing, as they try to find who shot the Mayor. But agents say they are receiving lots of calls with information from the community, and welcome more.

The Dawson City Manager says police patrols have been beefed up after what he calls a "shocking violent crime."

Dawson City Manager Barney Parnacott said "We do not know the reasoning for this. So pretty much puts us all as public officials on notice. We just don't know."

Speculation in the small town is rampant. We do know that Wright's mother was tied up by intruders, who cut the power to the home and waited for Wright and then shot him several times.

Why is the big question.  "There's speculation it's political. There's speculation other things. But you know small communities, stories seem to run wild and rampant. But right now we don't know anything," Parnacott said.

Holley said, "We hear a lot of street committee, but we don't want to deal with that. We want the GBI to do a thorough investigation and find the persons who are guilty of committing the crime. That's the bottom line."

But first friends like Terrell County Commissioner Ernest Johnson want to continue prayers for Christopher Wright. Johnson said "If God wasn't with Mayor Wright, believe me, we would be planning a funeral instead of just asking for prayers."

And friends say they believe with divine help Wright will recover, and return to office serving the community.

Wright is a student at Albany Technical College, and part time Mayor, as well as part time employee at Commissioner Johnson's funeral home. His friends say money could not have been a motive in the attack.

Community leaders have set up an account at the Bank of Terrell for Mayor Christopher Wright, and are asking for donations to help with his medical bills.


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