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Big man on campus: Dan the Man


Students and staff at Berrien High School are reminding us that there is still a lot of good in the world.

For most students, Monday simply means getting up early and preparing for another week of class. But for students and staff at Berrien High School, it also means getting to see one of the people they love the most.

"He's just a bubblin' personality," says Berrien High School gym coach Doug Nix, about student Dan Bombardier.

"Dan The Man", as he is known to his teachers and peers, is a junior at Berrien High School and was just voted homecoming king in a landslide vote. Dan has Down Syndrome and uses a wheelchair to get around, but he's no different than your typical high school teenager.

"I like to go to the gym. I gotta' hang out with my friends.I like playin' basketball, you know," Dan said.

Dan also loves to sing, and does a mean Waylon Jennings: "Just some good ole' boys, never meanin' no harm. Beat all they ever saw, been in trouble with the law since the day they were born…"

The students and staff at Berrien High School recently raised $3,000 to purchase a wheel chair ramp for Dan's parents' van.

"Before, they didn't have a ramp, they had to physically lift him into the van," said the coach.

When asked about the ramp, Dan says it makes him happy. More than anything though, Nix says Dan is known for his quotes. "We have a top ten list of Dan's quotes."

Nix said his favorite quote on the list is number two. It is a question Dan asks him everyday: "Guess what we gonna' do when we get to Heaven? We going to run when we get to Heaven. There won't be any wheelchairs in Heaven."

"Coach, you know I love you don't you?" he asked Nix.

"You know I love you, buddy," the coach answered.

The students and staff had enough money left over after purchasing the ramp for Dan that they were able to help another student in need at another area school.


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