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Speeders have Atlanta residents concerned about safety


Some people who live on Fayetteville Road between Bouldercrest Road and Flat Shoals Road in southeast Atlanta said motorist with a need for speed are a danger to everyone. Mike Hendrix has the pictures to prove it.

"We had an El Camino literally drive through our front yard. Our neighbors had a van for sale that just got demolished by a speeding car," Hendrix said.

The speed limit is 35 and there is a sign indicating a school is nearby, but it appears many motorist don't pay attention.

CBS Atlanta lent Hendrix a radar gun so he could illustrate what the problem. He clocked people traveling as fast as 74 mph.

"My wife and I just had twin boys and we want a front yard where they can walk out into and feel safe, and when there are cars driving through your yard, that is kind of impossible," Hendrix said.

Gene Barnes has lived on Fayetteville Road for 37 years. He said he's seen some bad accidents.

"One young man died after hitting a brick mailbox on the other side of the street. He died in my driveway, it was very traumatic," said Barnes.

Hendrix said the community has reported the problem to its city council representative and police, but he said nothing has been done and he is fed up.

"What we would like is to get some stop signs. We have two roads, Montvallow and Mary Dell, that I think are spaced out enough where it would really slow the traffic down and make this a much safer place to live," said Hendrix.

Late Monday evening a spokesperson with the Atlanta Police Department contacted CBS Atlanta and said the department was unaware of the problem in the area, but it would be addressed moving forward.

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