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Ashburn team wins Big Pig Jig Championship

Raymond Poore Raymond Poore
Robby Royal Robby Royal

An Ashburn man who quit his job as a park ranger to open a restaurant is making quite a name for himself in the bar-be-que world.

Raymond Poore has cooked competitively for years and has won a bunch of trophies with his partner Robby Royal.

Now Poore and Robby Royal's team, "Rescue Smokers" was selected as one of 27 teams competing for a $50,000 prize, and they won the Grand Champion ribbon at the Largest Barbecue competition in Georgia, the Big Pig Jig in Vienna, last weekend.

The sweet smokey aroma billowing out of the cooker ignited his passion to compete to be the best. "We first started out, it was just for fun. You know, we'd go out and have a good time. But in 2007 we got real serious about it. And we actually started winning real big in 2007," said Poore.

Poore has won trophies with his partner Robbie Royal, the Turner County EMS Director and Fire Chief, but the "BPJ" tops them all... 

Here are the 2013 Big Pig Jig Official Results -

       Whole Hog 

        10th: Bubba Grills                                           

         9th : Papa's Little Cooker                                   

         8th : Ponderosa BBQ                                           

         7th : Smarr Cooking Crew                                     

         6th : Cookin' With Stump                                     

         5th : Jack's Old South                                        

         4th : Rub My Butt BBQ                                       

         3rd : Florida Boys                                    544.7         

         2nd : Hole In The Wall                            545.2         

         1st : Rescue Smokers                              570           



          10th : Jack's Old South                                       

         9th : Doc & Dicie's BBQ                                       

         8th : River Rats Smokers                                     

         7th : Rub My Butt BBQ                                        

         6th : The Low County Long Shots                               

         5th : Hole In The Wall                                       

         4th : Rescue Smokers                                         

         3rd : Hog Rock Cafe Cooking Team       553.9         

         2nd : Bubba Grills                                     557.9         

         1st :  Dixie Que                                           561.1         




        10th : Good Times                                              

         9th : Rescue Smokers                                         

         8th : Smokestack Lighting                                    

         7th : Fletcher's Finest                                      

         6th : Florida Boys                                           

         5th : Dixie Que                                              

         4th : Hog Rock Cafe Cooking Team                             

         3rd : Killer Swine                                      532.6         

         2nd : Jack's Old South                             556.6         

         1st :  Bubba Grills                                     562.4         


        Grand Champion


         Rescue Smokers                           (Whole Hog)       570  

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