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Woman dodges LAX shooting

Denise Harle and her mother Denise Harle and her mother
Yvette Aehle (Airport Director) Yvette Aehle (Airport Director)

Cell phone video shows passengers running for safety away from the gunfire today at LAX. 

Denise Harle flew out of the airport this morning not long before the chaos and was glad to arrive safely in Albany tonight.  

"We were on our flight from L. A to Atlanta when it came on our flight TV's, and it was sort of surreal because we're sitting there going that's where we just were, is this real?" said Denise Harle.  

TSA agents at Southwest Georgia Regional Airport, like those at other airports, are unarmed. But the Albany airport does have its own police force.  

Airport director Yvette Aehle tells me that this airport is equipped with a ton of cameras, as well as law enforcement officers, because they say keeping their passengers safe is their number one priority.  

"If you look at that office over there, there is airport law enforcement, we have two way glass in that office there watching, we have cameras, we have 31 cameras in the building, we are watching," said Yvette Aehle, Airport director, Southwest Georgia Regional Airport.  

Denise Harle's mom, Dixey is just glad her daughter is safe and was not around when the shots rang out.  

"We are going to keep the families in our thoughts and prayers that were affected by the shooting today, and we are going to go on and have a good weekend together, a good 48 hours together, that about all we get with her," said DixeyTeel.

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