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Air traffic control recording captures sound around time of BNA crash


Federal investigators are reviewing air traffic control and radar recordings at Nashville International Airport, trying to solve the mystery surrounding the crash of a plane early Tuesday from Canada.

The pilot, Michael Callan, died instantly, officials said, but the plane's wreckage sat undetected for several hours in thick fog.

Callan, a 45-year-old man from Windsor, Ontario, has the same name and date of birth as a man with a checkered past, including arrests for bank robbery and viewing pornography in public.

The Windsor Star newspaper reported a man with the same name allegedly committed violent bank robberies and viewed porn in a bookstore and on a public bus.

And a Michael Callan was also facing charges in Canada following a child pornography crackdown.

The pilot had several years of flying experience but should not, based on his qualifications, have been flying in fog at night.

Channel 4 also reviewed the air traffic control recordings and discovered a small, but potentially significant, few seconds of tape from the time investigators believe the plane went down.

"Nashville approach, say again, weak and unreadable," an air traffic controller says.

It was apparently the only communication during the approximate time around the plane crash.

The NTSB would not confirm those few seconds as related to the crash.

The full report on what went wrong could take at least six months to complete, but investigators are expected to release some preliminary findings next week.

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