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Alert: Albany businesses targeted by scammers


WALB News 10 has confirmed that scammers are posing as Albany Water, Gas and Light representatives and trying to rip off customers.

Albany Water, Gas and Light Investigators acknowledge they're getting complaints from businesses.

One Albany business tells WALB News 10 that a caller, identifying himself as "Chris Smith," claimed that he worked with WG&L and needed credit card information to pay off the balance on an account so a worker could install a new meter box.

Otherwise, the business' electricity would be shut off within 45 minutes, according to the call.

The caller i.d. showed the call came from WG&L, but investigators confirm it is bogus.

They are warning all Water, Gas & Light customers not to fall for this scam.

Officials remind everyone to not give anyone financial information over the phone, even if a caller i.d. reflects it's from WG&L.

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