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APD working with businesses to help deter crime


It's all too common in east Albany, surveillance video showing breaks-ins and robberies.  Albany Police and business owners got together tonight hoping to prevent those crimes.  

"So we're getting the word out about businesses being able to come together to talk, who share a common goal of wanting to make money, retain their goods in their stores without someone coming in there stealing their properties," said Brian Covington, Corporal, Albany Police Department.  

APD is setting up a business watch program based on neighborhood watches.  They spread the word to business people in east Albany tonight.  Officers say with the holidays on the way, they expect to see a spike in crime.  

"Burglaries right now, burglaries are up, we are coming into the full shopping season, getting ready to come up to Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas season, of course you're going to have your burglaries, your shoplifting, and your general thefts," said Covington.  

Officer Brian Covington says crime deters economic growth.  

"We don't want companies losing money because people are shoplifting, because people are breaking into businesses stealing their merchandise, we want it to be able to be purchased legally so businesses can stay here and grow here," said Covington.    

The Albany Police Department has introduced a new e watch business alert system that helps keep business owners informed about crimes that are happening near their business.

To sign up all you have to do is text the words biz alerts to 888777 and you will start receiving notifications from the Albany police Department.  

Only five business leaders turned out Wednesday night, but APD officers still believe the meeting was a success.  

"This does not damper our mood, this actually puts us in a good mood, because we know that if we reach one person, that one person is going to reach another one, and we are going to get more business involved," said Covington.  

Because they believe the more businesses they get working together, the more crimes they'll be able to prevent.

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