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Organizers working to remove their county commission chairman


Citizens of Worth County gathered at the Warwick community center Tuesday evening with one goal in mind.  

"We're hoping that we can either get chairman Cosby to step down or if that fails, then we are going to go through with a recall," said Bill Cash, organizer.  

Leaders of the recall effort are trying to convince more voters to sign their petition so they can get a recall election to try to remove Worth County Chairman Mike Cosby from his position. They say Cosby acts like a dictator.  

"Main thing is his disregard for the people themselves, he came in as chairman and gave a lot of promises, and instead of doing that, he basically just turned into a little Caesar, he's running things his way," said Cash.  

Critics say Cosby has violated state sunshine laws by having secret meetings that should have been opened to the public.

We talked to the chairman on the phone Tuesday night.  He insists that he's doing his job, and he says organizers of tonight's meeting are just trying to stir up controversy.  

"No I'm not going to resign, I certainly am not going to resign because I feel like I've been doing my job, the people who are wanting this recall are those who do not want me to do what I'm doing," said Mike Cosby, Chairman, Worth County Board of Commissioners.  

Velma Thomas says tonight's meeting just solidified her belief that new leadership is needed on the commission.  

"We have enough trouble, he's causing trouble, we don't need that,"said Velma Thomas, event attendee.  

Cosby says he'll continue to do the job he was elected to perform, and organizers at Tuesday night's meeting say they'll continue working to collect the 3,501 signatures needed for a recall election.

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