Viewpoint: Dougherty County Superintendent Search

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Dougherty County School Board is beginning its search for a new superintendent.  We can only hope this search goes better than the last.

Four years ago, board members set out specific qualifications for candidates and guidelines they promised to follow to make the search open and transparent.

They then violated those guidelines, cut the process short, hired one of the most unqualified candidates, and even got sued for refusing to release the names of other finalists.  It was a debacle.

Last week, the board appointed a 3-person committee to kick off this search.  They'll decide where to advertise, come up with a timeline, and most importantly develop those qualifications for candidates.

We believe board members learned from the mistakes of the past.  We expect this search will go more smoothly, and we urge the board to make this search a truly open process and one truly dedicated to finding the best person to lead the school system.