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Health officials expect closure in Legionella investigation


The state health department has been working around the clock trying to locate a source of the Legionella bacteria, after 15 people tested positive for the illness. The outbreak is blamed for one death.

Health officials said they are expecting to get some sort of closure this week. They said no new cases have been reported and they are still waiting on some lab results from environmental testing.

Officials were able to link all the confirmed Legionella pneumonia cases to the Glenwood Nursing Home and Rehab facility in Florence. After further investigation, they did find positive test results for the bacteria located inside the cooling towers at Regency Square Mall and at Southwire – a business located in Florence's Industrial Park.

Health officials continue to encourage people to stick to their regular routines. They said senior citizens and people with severe underlying health problems are more susceptible to the germ, but again, they said no new cases have been reported.

"I think in terms of this particular outbreak that we will see closure, but what we continue to do is educate the community and have an awareness. Certainly we've learned a lot about ongoing investigations of Legionella," said Dr. Karen Landers, Assistant Health Officer of the Alabama Department of Public Health.

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