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Opposing Albany campaigns get ugly on Facebook


Election day is a week from tomorrow and campaign signs are displayed around the city. But in Ward III, some residents are upset and say Incumbent Chris Pike is posting his signs in illegal areas, including a bus stop along Whispering Pines.

"We have been finding signs all over our ward that are in the public right of way and on private property without permission. All were asking for is that he stop. This violates the Albany sign ordinance and the information he's been given and he knows better but chooses to do this anyway," says resident Jason McCoy.

Jason McCoy even took pictures of the signs and posted them on facebook. He also tagged Pike, but Pike replied back and told viewers of the page the photos were being staged.

"Its an opportunity to voice their concerns and their issues and we allow folks to put things that they want to put on there, and allow folks on there to decide what they will and won't except as the truth but anytime I have the opportunity to correct something that's incorrect I'm going to do that," says Incumbent Chris Pike.

He says all his campaign workers are properly trained and know the appropriate places to post election signs.

"We go at length to train our people where to put signs and where not to put signs and what's a right of way and what's not a right of way and so for the most part our signs can placed in places where people ask to have a sign put up. They call us or see  us in passing and say hey bring a sign a put it in the yard, " says Pike.

Code enforcement officers are in charge of monitoring signs and say signs are allowed on private property with the owner's permission, and not allowed in the public's right of way like along streets and the grassy areas between sidewalks and curbs.

They also says it's not unusual for campaign supporters to post signs in the wrong places.


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