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Worth County burned victim's Mother speaks out

This little girl suffered second and third degree burns to her body This little girl suffered second and third degree burns to her body
Tiffany Morris, mother Tiffany Morris, mother
Morris's daughter fell in this pit of fire last week Morris's daughter fell in this pit of fire last week

A three-year-old Worth County girl is back home tonight after she fell into a fire last week. Her mother wants to make sure other parents keep a close eye on their children around fire at all times.

The mother does not want to share her daughter's name but she does want to show the injuries her daughter suffered. She says it was an experience that she doesn't want any parent to go through.

This three year old girl is all smiles and giggles and recovering quite well after falling into a fire in the front yard of her home last week.

"She's good, she's very active ever since her surgery. They wasn't able to put her down or nothing. She's up gone and playing," said Tiffany Morris.

Tiffany Morris was burning old furniture in this pit while her daughter was playing in this jeep she received for her third birthday just days earlier. When Morris turned her back to retrieve a hose to put out the fire, things went horribly wrong.

 "She was running after me and when she ran after me she tripped and fell and got burned then," said Morris.

This is all that's left of the shirt her daughter was wearing.

"I snatched her shirt off, it was all in flames and when I snatched it it's what caught her hair on fire," said Morris.

Morris called 9-1-1 on her way to the hospital. Ambulances and helicopters met them at a church on Highway 313 and airlifted the toddler to the burn center in Augusta.

 "They wouldn't let me ride with her because there wasn't any room," said Morris.

The toddler suffered second degree burns on her face and elbow and third degree burns on her chest and stomach. Pig skin covers her nose and cheek and cadaver skin is on her chest and elbow. Doctors believe that fluid build up in the toddler's ear caused her to become unbalanced which led her to fall into the fire.

"He's the one that said she could have hearing problems because she's not talking for her age, making sentences or nothing so they think that's what caused it," said Morris.

Morris is warning other parents to always have a hose in place to put fires out as quickly as possible and to keep a close eye on children around fires at all times.

"Keep a close eye on them because it takes a blink of eye and they gone," said Morris.

 Morris is thankful for the outpouring love and support that she's received for her daughter on Facebook and in the community. The little girl will have follow up care with a burn specialist in Valdosta and will see a hearing specialist later on this week. If you would like to help the Morris family by donating food or gas cards, contact Tiffany Morris at 229-214-0698.

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