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Bang for Your Buck: Sneaky smart phone fees

(WMC-TV) –This installment of Bang for your Buck reveals which carriers have the most and which have the fewest sneaky fees and ways to avoid them.

Does this sound familiar? You sign up for a cell phone plan that's affordable, only to be shocked at all the hidden extra fees.

A survey by says unexpected fees can add 20 percent to your bill.

State and local taxes, the Universal Service Fund, 411 directory assistance, plus new phone activation and upgrade fees can add up to be $60 or more.

Make sure you don't go over on your data plan; that's instantly another $15 for most carriers. compared rates and found that T-mobile is the low price winner, with the fewest hidden fees and there's no charge for activating or upgrading.

Verizon is next cheapest for upgrade and activation fees, although it has the highest early termination fee.

AT & T and Sprint have the highest upgrade and activation fees. Sprint gets a pass because it still offers unlimited data.

The Bottom Line:

Before you enter a contract know all fees associated with the phone before signing on the dotted sign line.

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