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'Huge' rattlesnake isn't what it seems


You may have seen the Facebook photo of a huge rattlesnake killed in Tift County.

WALB News 10's Cade Fowler went in search of the story behind the photo and the snake came up a little short.

It's the story of a snake gone viral. A picture of a lifeless Eastern Diamondback Rattler, draped over a stick, is popping all over Facebook. But the tale of this picture is about as tall or long as the snake appears.

The story behind the snake on Facebook read that it was found on a peanut trailer at Ty Ty Peanut in Tift County.

Janet Whaley brought a picture to Esco's store with the question, "is it real?"

So where was it killed? The truth lies somewhere between Ty Ty and Tifton at Chula Peanut and Grain where the sign on the gate says it all.

"My phone has been blowed up," said Lee Fletcher, the man behind the snake.

He says he was clearing some hunting land Saturday near the interstate when he came upon the rattler who met it's maker. He brought it to work and took some pictures.

"I took a few pictures on my phone and sent them to 4 or 5 family member and man, it's gone," recalled Fletcher.

But it's the size on the snake that's gotten everyone's attention. The rattler is no baby but it's far from a giant. It's all in the angle of the photo.

"I had a probably 5 or 6 foot long stick and held it on the end of it. I held out in front of me and it just made the snake look a lot bigger than what it was," said Fletcher.

In reality the snake was about 5 feet long. Fletcher says he never imagined nor did he want the attention it's garnered. And for a man who doesn't even have a Facebook account, he has a message for those who do.

"Don't believe everything you see on the internet," said Fletcher.

He gets the last laugh, though, as well as a story he can tell for the rest of his life.

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