Viewpoint: Gerrymandering

The recent government shutdown clearly showed the disgusting disconnect between what the public wants and what The House of Representatives wants.

In a new NBC / Wall Street Journal poll, 60% want to replace those in Congress. They see the solution to ending gridlock in three changes: ending gerrymandering, setting term limits, and campaign finance reform.

First look at gerrymandering. It's clear the Senate is willing to negotiate, and resolve differences by reaching middle ground as it was intended. It's because Senators must appeal to an entire state to be elected, and re-elected.

The House of Representatives on the other hand, through the practice of redrawing their district lines, to find friendly voters, called gerrymandering, are actually selecting the voters, rather than the voters selecting the representatives.

In 2012, Congress has the miserable approval rating of only 15%, yet 90% of house members were re-elected. Would you keep your job with that kind of an approval rating?

House members will continue to win in landslide elections, when the party has the ability to choose only conservative or liberal sections of a county or to include or exclude neighborhoods where a candidate or an opponent may live. If this does not change, our gridlock will not change!

Until then, the house will become further entrenched in opposing positions, will not negotiate, and our government will not function.