GBI investigates fatal police shooting

Sheriff Reggie Rachals
Sheriff Reggie Rachals

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - A fatal shooting on Pine Avenue in Leesburg was heard by many people this afternoon.

"We just heard some fighting, like hitting the doors, boom, boom, next thing we know we just heard pow,pow,pow, four gun shots," said Brandon Coleman, witness.

"We come out the house, bloody everything, that's all I seen, he was like call the ambulance, that's messed up, he didn't have to do it like that," said Patrick Jones, witness.

What these residents are describing is a confrontation that took place between a Leesburg Police Officer, Monterey Moody and 21 year old Tracye Clyde, who has been on the run from police since Saturday.

"He robbed somebody of some money, approximately $200, he also during the process of the robbery he beat on the person," said Reggie Rachals, Sheriff, Lee County Sheriffs office.

Tracye Clyde won't be facing any of the charges, because he is now deceased, he died this afternoon when he and a Leesburg Police Officer got into a confrontation inside this vacant house, he was hiding out in according to Lee County Sheriff's office.  

"The officer had to fight the subject for a little while and you know there was some shots fired and he's deceased at this time," said Rachal's.

Sheriff Rachal's says he is concerned that the warrant for Tracy Clyde's arrest turned deadly.

"Well it's an upsetting situation for no matter who it is, you always try to take him into custody without any incident or any injuries. But in some cases, it's just unstoppable," said Rachal's.

Lisa Bush, lives in the neighborhood and knew Tracye really well.

"He was an honest, quiet, free hearted, if he got something you ask him, he will give it to you," said Lisa Bush, resident.

For now this community has to work through a loss of one of their own, while GBI investigators gather more information on what happened here this afternoon.

Leesburg Police Officer Montery Moody has been placed on administrative leave while the Investigation continues.   The GBI, as a standard practice, is called in to investigate all police involved shootings.

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