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Coffee business embodies principles of the Fair Trade system

Juan Pacini examines his coffee beans. Juan Pacini examines his coffee beans.

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - October may be National Fair Trade month, but at least one café in Wilmington is trying to keep that movement in practice throughout the year. 

Folk's Café on Princess Street sells an array of coffee products.  Juan Pacini is the owner of the establishment.  He said he tries to make sure the coffee beans he orders from import companies are fair trade-certified whenever possible.

"Fair trade goes directly to the producer and pays the fair amount of money they need for the work they do," said Pacini.

He said that he imports beans from several different places including Sumatra, Java and Mexico.

"When you buy fair-trade coffee, you are sure some organization certifies they receive the money they must receive for the work they do," Pacini explained.

Pacini said the organic beans purchased through fair trade also make for a better brew than other beans bought from big manufacturing companies.

"It's always almost fresh coffee," said Pacini.

Jock Brandis, founder of the Full Belly Project in Wilmington, visited Folk's Café for a meal Monday.  He said the money from crop imports often ends up in the wrong hands.

"The actual grower of the commodity gets very little," said Brandis. "It's the people who do the processing and the packaging, and the shipping and the marketing where the money is."

Brandis said that is the reason he supports fair trade.

"The fair trade sign assures me that just cause my heart is in the right place, my dollar goes to the right place."

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