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New road designation may help tourism

Dougherty Co. Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard Dougherty Co. Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard
Dougherty County Commissioners during Monday's meeting in the Government Center in downtown Albany Dougherty County Commissioners during Monday's meeting in the Government Center in downtown Albany
Rashelle Beasley, CVB Manager Rashelle Beasley, CVB Manager

South Georgia could soon be getting it's first scenic byway, which Dougherty County leaders hope will promote tourism.

Monday, Commissioners unanimously approved a resolution to designate the Historic Dixie Highway a scenic route.  Dougherty County is ready to join its neighbors in turn a now seldom traveled highway into an economic development engine.

"So this is also a great opportunity to partner regionally to see what else we can do together to bring tourism off I-75 and onto the scenic byway," said Rashelle Beasley, CVB Manager.

The route will begin at the Bridge house and run South to Oglethorpe Boulevard and East to Radium Springs road.  From there, it will run along historic route three to Thomasville. 

"This particular byway and highway is gonne be very, very specific because it goes right by Radium Springs, which is the 7th wonder of Georgia," said Chairman Jeff Sinyard, Dougherty County Board of Commissioners. 

Peanut and cotton field could teach visitors about the growing commodities in the region.

"We hope that we'll be able to get the farmers involved.  So if they do see some people stopping along the Dixie Highway, they'll know there are tourists in town.  They'll be able to stop and hopefully get off their tractors and explain how the crops are grown," Beasley said. 

Dougherty County leaders say showcasing some of the resources in the southwest part of the state will actually spur some business. 

"We live in a beautiful part of the county and so many people haven't seen it.  And whether you're from Atlanta, or you're from Ohio, or you're from up North close to Canada, to come down this particular route like they did in the 20s and 30s and the 40s is pretty cool and pretty significant," said Sinyard.

And property values along the route could also get a boost.

"It's more for the beauty and taking you back to a time.  I don't see it being an economic engine in terms of building buildings on the road.  I see it as part of a bigger plan that will enhance more people traveling," Sinyard Said.

So next time you're headed to the interstate, think about taking the scenic route instead.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau Manager said there are still many steps involved in getting the scenic highway listed on state maps.  But they're hoping to have it officially designated within the next year or two.


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