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Buffalo Rock plant damaged again

(SOURCE: Buffalo Rock) (SOURCE: Buffalo Rock)
(SOURCE: Buffalo Rock) (SOURCE: Buffalo Rock)
(SOURCE: Buffalo Rock) (SOURCE: Buffalo Rock)

Sources with Buffalo Rock, the South Georgia Pepsi distributor, say their plant has been burglarized again, this time by two masked men.

This break-in happened about 9:40 Sunday night. Officials say they've been the victim of numerous break-ins in the last few weeks, and they think that people who live nearby are responsible.

Buffalo Rock Distribution has been dealing with vandals for about a month now.

It started with petty damage of stealing outdated and damaged product out of a bin on the property.

Sunday night about 9:40 the sales manager received a call that it had escalated to smashing windows and stealing product.

"Albany police met me here we found fence that had been cut two of our vehicles back windshields have been damaged, busted out and our product door to our warehouse busted out," said Mgr. Keith Dedge.

Surveillance video shows the suspects wearing dark clothing, white masks and gloves. "We've got some good photographs good video hopefully we can get someone from the community to turn them in. We are offering a $200 reward," Dedge said

The alarm went off about 9:40 but the suspects may have been there for some time before breaking into the building. Dedge says one semi trailer had its doors opened.

Spots in the fence in several areas were located where it was either cut to fit through or pulled up to fit underneath.

The large metal door to the warehouse was pried up several inches but the suspects couldn't get through so they smashed the glass window to open the door into the warehouse.

The work vehicles back windows had been smashed but not much was taken.

"There is nothing in there worth taking absolutely nothing," Dedge said. "The most we lost out of these vehicles were a couple coupons maybe some sample product. I guess folks don't have anything better to do then come in here and break into a business...."

Buffalo Rock is looking at tighter security after hours patrol and upgrading the alarm system, and adding more razor wire around the entire fence line.

Dedge says he just wants it to stop. "I would rather have given them 3 cases of soft drinks than indoor $1500 to $2000 worth of damage"

The suspects took off with a case of Sun Fresh and two cases of Brisk Tea.

The plant is located on Randolph Avenue, near Newton Road.


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