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Kids dig for gold, get education


A South Carolina Company brings the thrill of Diamond Mining to Deerfield Windsor students.

The Students at Deerfield Windsor are studying what our earth is made of. They are doing it with a little mining of their own.

Billy Rock Smith and his wife Gwen are retired teachers and travel South Georgia for Diamond Del's to help kids learn about some of the earth's science.

"It's a fun job every school I go to at least one student will say this is the best day I've ever had," said Smith.

The students get to experience what real mining is like with a flume, and flowing water with some hidden gems they can take home.

"They're loving it; they're so excited they're completely silent listening to the explanation before they go in and I love to hear them when they start with the 'ooo's' and 'ahh's,' and 'look what I found! Look what I found!'" said teacher Amy Dent.

The kids will take the gems back to the classroom and with chart identify what they found.

"[It's] real fun getting to get our hands all wet and dirty looking for gold," said student Jackson Harris.

"I think it's was fun because you got to take home cool rocks," said student Holladay Miles.

Diamond Del's has been visiting students for over 20 years and Billy Rock Smith never gets tired of seeing the kids reactions.

"Spread the word we'd love to come back to your county and see all the schools," said Smith.

For more information visit their website at for an adventure of your own.

Diamond Del's expects to see 65,000 students in five states this year.

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