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Tips from Police on how to protect your business from burglars


Police don't believe burglaries at four East Albany businesses over the weekend are related. They do remind business owners to make sure they protect their property.

Police say even the most simple things can help prevent a business from being burglarized.  Even just making sure the property is clear of things like loose rocks, bricks, and cedar blocks can be helpful.

They say its not unusual to see a rash of burglaries like the ones that happened over the weekend in East Albany. Four businesses, including two restaurants, a beauty salon shop, and a liquor store were burglarized early Sunday morning.

As the holiday season approaches, a time when crime tends to pick up, police say its important to do a security assessment of your business.

" You look at your business and try and think like a criminal. If I wanted to rob this place or burglarize, what would I use to my advantage.  If you have any overgrown trees or bushes around your business you may want to cut that back, if you have poor lighting you may want to install more lighting," says Captain Michael Persley, with the A.P.D.

Also, check your alarm and surveillance systems at least every other week to make sure they're working properly.

"The business may have some other checks and balances such as the manager coming in and checking it to see what activity happened the night before, especially with your alarm system, making sure that it is properly connected to the monitoring location so police can be notified if there is an activation," says Persley.

And try not to keep large amounts of cash at your business. Police advise business owners to make regular drops.

"If you do keep any amount in the store, very small amounts and keep it in a safe. If a person is breaking in they are not really going to spend a lot of time breaking into a safe. They want to go for the cash as quickly as possible but the harder you make it the less likely you'll be a target," he says.

And if you do see suspicious activity around your business, don't hesitate to contact police.

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