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Pecan City Pedalers promotes bicycle safety on roadways

Pecan City Pedalers Pecan City Pedalers
Pecan City Peddlers Pecan City Peddlers
Pecan City Peddlers Pecan City Peddlers

The Pecan City Pedalers promotes bicycle safety in Albany and Southwest Georgia. The organization feels safety is the primary goal when people are out riding their bicycles.

"Cyclist should were helmets, they should be predictable, ride with traffic, abide by the traffic laws and they need to be visible," said Chip Battle, VP of Pecan City Peddlers.

The Pecan City Pedalers has about 150 members and has been around for more than twenty.

Recently three Georgia lawmakers introduced a bill that would require cyclist to have license plates and register their bikes and other proposed regulations. The lawmakers felt the change was to improve bicycle safety, but cyclists think otherwise.

"To ride no more than 4 cyclists in a group and they had to have 10 feet between them and 50 feet between them and the next group and so it was lot of measuring. And none of those things really improved safety," said Chip Battle.

The bill was dropped and Chip Battle with the Pecan City Pedalers say drivers just need to treat cyclists like any other motorist on the road.

"That they show us a little bit of consideration when they come by, even with the three foot law we still get passed within inches and that's not a safe way to get passed," said Chip Battle.

A Georgia law says motorist need to give cyclist at least three feet when passing. Anything less than that is illegal. The Pecan City Pedalers have organized rides several times a week and for the most part they feel safe riding the roads.

"Albany is an excellent town for riding bikes, it's excellent for bicycle commuting and the city planners have done a good job," said Chip Battle.

The City of Albany has share the road signs and bicycle lanes so motorists can safety ride along with cyclist.

The Pecan City Pedalers also say the sidewalk is not a place for cyclist and that they should along in traffic, like any other motor vehicle.

The Pecan City Pedalers meet every first Thursday of the month at Phoebe North. You can find their website at


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