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100 Mile Peanut Pickin' Yard Sale


One hundred miles of things for sale is what awaits yard sale fans in South Georgia this weekend.  A series of yard sales will line roads through multiple communities. 

Downtown Cordele along Hwy 41 was quiet Thursday afternoon, but early Saturday morning this street will be flooded with cars and yard sale stands. Every year this event tends to draw more people and attention around the community.

"We got involved and it has just grown and gotten better every year. They do a wonderful job in Sylvester coordinating and keeping all of us together," said Monica Mitchell Director of Cordele Main Street Program.

Two additional cities, Vienna and Unadilla, are joining in on the fun this year, and should help attract more visitors to the 100 mile trail.

"Oh yes, it's the perfect time of year for yard sales and it will just add to the adventure of people going out and buying things," said Renee Fraser, Mike Fraser's Auto Repair store owner.

"Adding Vienna and Unadilla getting people further into downtown the longer you do something the more the word spreads," said Mitchell.

Thousands are expected to attend and some folks are traveling from out of town just to be there. This is creating a buzz around South Georgia.

"Some of these people are coming from out of town. So not only are they coming for the yard sale but also they are spending the night. They're eating in our restaurants, they're buying gas, they're stopping by the "quickie" stores, they're buying things. And this is what we want,' said Mitchell.

The community says the event brings them closer together, and they are doing their best to make visitors feel at home.


The yard sale runs from 8 a-m to 6 p-m Saturday.

And you can still purchase a booth to show case your items.


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