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New wrist joint replacement surgery


Advances in medical Technology are giving doctors more options for people suffering from wrist pain.

A new procedure is allowing doctors to replace a joint in the wrist. The device made up of a rod,plate, and a ball and joint socket, similar to a knee replacement procedure.

There's only two doctors in Georgia that are certified to perform the surgery, including one at Phoebe Putney memorial Hospital here in Albany. Doctors say wrist pain is common problem.

"It could be simple from having arthritis, wrist fractures, and then developing arthritis from that and some people unfortunately are born with abnormal bones in their wrist that lead to this problem so it's a fairly common problem," says Dr. Nur Nurbhai,  a shoulder, elbow, and hand specialist with Phoebe Orthopaedic Specialty Group.

He says recovery time is about two weeks, plus four weeks of rehabilitation.

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