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Dougherty County School board hires GSBA to oversee superintendent search


The Dougherty County School board will get some help to find a replacement for interim superintendent Dr. David Mosely.  

"So that process will begin immediately," said Carol Tharin, board member, Dougherty County Schools. 

Monday night, the board agreed to hire the Georgia School Boards Association to oversee the search.  

"Well usually once the board elects to go forward with it, it can last anywhere between three to three and a half months," said Bill Sampson, Georgia School Boards Association.  

The association will advertise the position and send brochures to potential candidates.  

"Well it's basically an announcement, it talks about the school system, it talks about the community, Dougherty County, the makeup of the school, how many schools and things like that," said Sampson.  

The brochure will also include the qualifications for the position.  

"Will be developing qualifications that the board thinks are important in the next superintendent, and that will also be listed on the brochure," said Sampson.  

Some board members say the board didn't follow its own guidelines and qualifications when they hired former Superintendent Joshua Murfree. 

Board member Darrel Ealum hopes the GSBA can weed out candidates who are unqualified and find what he calls "a superstar."  

"I'm concerned about how wide are we going to cast the net here, I believe we should have a nationwide search because I believe with all my heart that there is a superstar out there that understands the student population and he can come here and make a different," Darrel Ealum, board member, Dougherty County Schools.

Interim superintendent David Moseley says he'll work to ensure a smooth transition.  

"Well I want to help the board anyway I can to bring in a person that can build on what we have going now, and just continue earn the reputation that Dougherty once had," Dr. David Moseley, interim superintendent, Dougherty County Schools.  

Board members will meet later this week to lay out hiring guidelines and the specific qualifications the new superintendent must have.

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